The National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) is honored to announce Founder & CEO Keith King has been named one of DiversityPlus Magazine’s 2019 Top 30 Champions of Diversity. The magazine celebrates Supplier Diversity achievers who strive for success in their work and volunteer lives. These individuals are change makers who continually work towards bringing Supplier Diversity into the conversation at all levels.

Keith King joins a prestigious group of “high energy, dynamic group of people who seem to have unlimited energy as they work inside and outside their organizations” who were recognized as Champions of Diversity by DiversityPlus Magazine. 

The Top 30 Champions of Diversity recognize the economic necessity for corporations to have a Supplier Diversity Program and for diverse groups to be included fairly and equally. “I’d like to congratulate my fellow awardees, many of whom are also corporate members of NVBDC and support our certified service disabled and veteran owned business,” said NVBDC Founder & CEO Keith King. “It’s an honor to be named as one of the Top 30 Champions of Diversity by DiversityPlus Magazine and to share this distinction with so many outstanding supplier diversity professionals.”

Keith King, a Vietnam Veteran and Founder of the leading Veteran Business 3rd party certification organization was named a 2019 Top 30 Champions of Diversity by Diversity Plus Magazine along with other leading supplier diversity professionals The Champions were recognized for their commitments to supplier diversity and who participate in a wide variety of activities, programs, and strategies.Theyarrange business networking opportunities, form alliances, hold Business Opportunity Exchanges and procurement fairs, and develop workshops and mentorship programs.

He is a 40 Year Veteran advocate with heavy legislative experience, a strong record of success in writing, lobbying for, and getting passage of laws to benefit ALL veterans. Keith has adjudicated 1,000’s of veteran claims for benefits and is considered an expert in Veteran laws and VA claims and the difference between them.

Through the years, Keith has taken on a variety of leadership roles on the National, State and Local levels with the same purpose of helping his Brother and Sister Veterans in whichever capacity he served, or the tasks required.  He is committed to helping today’s veterans as they transition out of the military and back into American society.

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The NVBDC was founded in 2013 when Keith King recognized the need for a certification organization that could offer best practices in certification. Corporations often demand certification, and many no longer accept self-certification. Significantly, since Veteran Supplier Diversity is an $80-billion-dollar market in the United States, it’s crucial to have a certification agency that represents the gold standard in certification which NVBDC fulfills. NVBDC continually works with its corporate members and valued SD/VOBs to provide opportunity and access to diverse supply chains.