Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not new.  Advancing workplace diversity has evolved into a necessity for organizations of any size to sustain transparency for their business mission.  Consumers are fully aware of the resources available to research company profiles with visibility of the implementation of DEI within their corporate structure. Whether a service provider or offering products, the impact of equality within a supply chain, employment opportunity, and the communities we serve is notably changing our business environment on how they reach growth & success.

Organizational executives are at the heart of making the necessary changes in businesses to invoke DEI.  Jobs have been changed, created, maintained, and rewarded to assure corporate inclusion, at all levels, is at the forefront of their business structure.  Several sources of media and publications recognize the efforts of inclusion by announcing their top lists of who’s who in DEI. Among the top respected media platforms that continuously provide professional statistics and information is Crain’s Communications Inc.

Crain Communications Inc. is an American multi-industry publishing conglomerate based in Detroit with 13 non-US subsidiaries delivering news to more than 6 million global business leaders.  Over the last 100 years, four generations of the Crain family have built an outstanding media company featuring 23 brands that stand today among the most influential media properties in the verticals they serve.  Each year Crain’s Detroit announces their top Notable Executives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The leaders featured in Crain’s Detroit Notable Executives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are selected by a team of editors based on their career accomplishments, track record of success in the field, and effectiveness of their efforts.  The individuals awarded this honor have done the work to help people, corporations, and communities focus on equity and justice in their organizations.  Crain’s reported that a study from LinkedIn shows leadership roles in DEI have grown exponentially over the last five years.   The entire list of leaders on Crain’s Notable Executives in DEI is proof that change and progress through their dedication is making a difference.

We are proud to announce that Keith King, Founder, and CEO of National Veteran Business Development Council, has been recognized as one of Crain’s Detroit top Notable Executives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Keith has had many achievements throughout his career, working within his various organizations and campaigning for DEI on behalf of the Veteran Community.

It is an honor to be selected by Crain’s Detroit Magazine as one of the Notable Executives in DEI, thanks to the Corporations that support our Veteran Business Owners and NVBDC certification,” said Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

Keith King is a 40-year Veteran advocate with heavy legislative experience, strong record of success in writing, lobbying for, and getting passage of laws to benefit all veterans.  His volunteer efforts on behalf of his fellow Veterans have been fueled by his personal and business life success. Through the years, Keith has taken various leadership roles on the National, State, and Local levels.  He is committed to helping today’s veterans as they transition out of the military and back into American society.

After years of discussions on why Corporate America had not included Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses in their Supplier Diversity purchasing program, it became clear the only way to inclusion was through a viable certification program.  With the support of the Minority and Woman certification organizations and key Corporations, a “beta test” was conducted on April 2, 2014.  The test received the tacit approval of the certification process.  At the launch in 2014, it was official that National Veteran Business Development Council had created a process that was the only third-party Veteran Business Certification program.  In August 2017, the corporations comprising of the Billion Dollar Roundtable named NVBDC as the only acceptable third-party certification program for veteran businesses.  The impact of NVBDC Certification has opened an $80 Billion market for certified Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses.

The supplier diversity industry had only accepted certified minority and/or women-owned businesses.  By providing government data that supports the fact that years spent in the military put most veterans at an economic disadvantage compared to their peers, NVBDC successfully convinced major corporations that they deserved a seat at the supplier diversity table.  To date, NVBDC has the support of over 105 corporations of all sizes helping certified veteran businesses with access and opportunities to become a part of their supply chains.

Through all the success stories, new educational programs, and the commitment from our Board of Directors, Executive Officers, Advisory Board, and staff, NVBDC is the leading nationally recognized third-party certification organization.  As the Founder and CEO of NVBDC, through his leadership and passion to include certified veteran businesses in supplier diversity, it is well deserved that Keith King is recognized as a notable executive.

NVBDC congratulates all those recognized as Crain’s Detroit Notable Executives in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.